Craigieburn-Willmott Golf Club

In April 1975 Lower Heidelberg Golf Club was renamed Willmott Park Golf Club and relocated  from Yarra Bend Golf Course to Willmott Park Golf Course in Craigieburn. 

A few years after the move Willmott Park Golf Course was renamed by Council and became  Craigieburn Golf Course. 

For 18 years Willmott Park Golf Club operated as the sole golf club at the Willmott Park  /Craigieburn Golf Course. 

It was 1993 when 12 members of the Craigieburn Sporting Club, known as the dirty dozen  formed the Craigieburn Golf Club as a social club and then in 1994, they registered the Golf  Club as an incorporated body. 

Subsequent extension and redesign of the Sporting Club saw the Pro-Shop moved from a  divided building under the same roof as Willmott Park Golf Club to its current location under  the roof of the Sporting Club. This allowed Craigieburn Golf Club to occupy the now vacated  old Pro-Shop area as their club house. 

At about the same time as above Craigieburn Golf Club changed from playing Sunday to  Saturday for club competition with Willmott Park Golf Club continuing their traditional  Sunday club competition. 

The arrangement of two golf clubs playing on the Craigieburn Golf Course and being under  the same roof but using separate rooms continued until 2013. By this time Craigieburn Golf  Club had dissolved incorporation of the golf club and become a sub-committee of the Sporting  Club. 

Years of negotiation and general discussions resulted in a special general meeting of all  financial members of Willmott Park Golf Club in 2012 where a vote was taken for the club to  dissolve incorporation. Due to dwindling membership Willmott Park Golf Club were seeking  to amalgamate with Craigieburn Golf Club. 

At a general meeting financial members of Craigieburn & Willmott Park Golf Clubs both voted  unanimously to form one club so that on the 1st July 2013 Craigieburn-Willmott Golf Club  commenced. 

Since this time the Craigieburn-Willmott Golf Club has built on the strength of this  amalgamation with many successes and provides mid-week in addition to weekend club  competitions for more than 200 members.

About Craigieburn Golf Course

The Craigieburn Golf Course is an 18 hole, par 72 golf course and measures 6142 metres in length.

We offer practice facilities such as a chipping green, a putting green and three warm up nets.

Our golf course is in great condition, we pride ourselves on providing the best public golf course in the northern suburbs for the local community and members.

Dress code:

The Craigieburn Golf Course has a dress code.  Neat/Casual dress is required and enclosed golf shoes must be worn at all times whilst playing golf.

The following attire is unacceptable at all times.

  • Singlets
  • Tracksuits
  • Thongs or Sandals

Australian Golf Handicaps can be obtained through the Craigieburn Willmott Golf Club.